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PT. Showa Indonesia Mfg. is an internationally recognized company in automotive components, especially in the manufacturing of shock absorbers, steering systems and a line up other products.


Management Certification

  • ISO 9002: 1994 (1997)
  • ISO 9001: 2002 (2002)
  • ISO 14001: 1996 (2000)
  • ISO 14001: 2004 (2005)
  • SMK3 - Gold Category (2003)
  • SMS Integration – Join Certification (2003)
  • OHSAS – 18001: 1999 (2006)
  • ISO 17025: (2008)

Management Award

  • General Champion Astra Green Company Award (2003, 2005, 2006, 2007)
  • 3rd Position Astra Green Company Award (2004)
  • Indonesia's The Most Caring Company (Chemical and Basic Category of Manufacture-2004)
  • Finalist of The Most Caring Company (Chemical and Basic Category of Manufacture-2005)
  • Environment & Safety Award from Bekasi Government (2006)
  • Champion of K3 Competition Inter Companies in Bekasi Regency



To be a leading OEM shock absorber industry in the ASEAN region and a global supplier of shock absorbers and steering systems. To create excellent customer satisfaction, competitive price, competent human resources, commitment as an environmentally friendly, safe, efficient, and productive company.


To provide world class automotive components, especially shock absorbers and steering systems for the OEM and REM global market with the best quality and safety for the satisfaction of the concerned parties.



Name of Company

PT. Showa Indonesia Manufacturing


Gedung Graha Kirana (Representative office)
Jl. Yos Sudarso Kav. 88 Jakarta Utara

Cikarang Plant (Office & Factory)
Jl. Jababeka VI Kav. 28 – 36
Jababeka Industrial Estate, Cikarang Bekasi

Land Area & Plant Area

93,161.00 m2 (Land)
10,000.00 m2 (Land Blok U)
71,652.00 m2 (Factory)

Year of Establishment

March 1978 (begining of production June 1979)
Assets when founded 1 MILLION US$


Manufacturing Shock Absorber for 2wheelers & 4wheelers

Capital Composition

Showa Corporation (55%) 
PT. Astra Honda Motor (45%)

Number of Employees
(June 2015)

  •  Male : 2,487 persons
  •  Female : 59 persons
  •  Expatriate : 4 persons
  •  Total : 2,550 persons

Sales (Year 2015)

Rp. 2,51 trillion

Major Machines

  •  Electrostatic Painting & CED
  •  Spring Coiling
  •  Aluminium Casting
  •  HCr Plating
  •  Vacuum Carburizing
  •  Zinc Plating
  •  Machining Process
  •  Assembling

Working Environment

PT Showa Indonesia Mfg. strives to realize a safe, comfortable, efficient and productive working environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Fogging
  • Penyuluhan Kesehatan.
  • Posyandu PKK
  • Donasi
  • Bea siswa
  • Donor
  • Rescue Team
  • Village Development

Global Network

As part of Showa Group of companies we are collaborating closely with Showa Corporation of Japan and its daughter companies. By this collaboration we get mutual advantages of manufacturing knowhow, commonized product design, global procurement of material and parts and overseas market access, thus increasing our competitive strength.

Green Company

PT. Showa Indonesia Mfg. has a strong commitment and concerned for the environment. In its efforts to be an environmentally friendly company, PT. Showa Indonesia Mfg. has several programs such as providing for waste water treatment (WWT), waste classification and waste management process. The waste produced by PT. Showa Indonesia is classified into hazards (B3) waste and non hazards (B3) waste.



PT. Showa Indonesia Mfg. serves the customers’ demands for automotive components. The automotive industry leaders benefit from cooperation with PT. Showa Indonesia Mfg. In addition to meeting the domestic market needs, PT. Showa Indonesia serves the global market.

Partnership Opportunity


  • PT Showa Indonesia Manufacturing is open to all the suppliers interested in cooperating in the manufacturing activities. Our main criteria in the selection of prospective partners are competitive prices, the quality of the products, safe delivery, and continuous innovation to meet the customers’ needs


  • Aluminium die casting
  • Hot forging
  • Sinter metal
  • Stamping part
  • Machining part
  • Rubber part
  • Pipe
  • Round steel bars
  • Surface treatment

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Frequently Asked Question

1. How to get the products of PT Showa Indonesia Mfg?

At the present time the products of PT Showa Indonesia Mfg are traded as Genuine Part by each Trademark Holder Sole Agent such as PT. Astra Honda Motor, PT. Honda Prospect Motor, PT. Indomobil Suzuki International, PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor, PT. Toyota Astra Motor, PT. Kramayudha Tiga Berlian, etc so that they can be obtained from the authorized dealers of the Trademark Holder Sole Agent.


2. What is the function of the Shock Absorber in a vehicle?

There are two basic functions of the Shock Absorber:

  • Comfort, i.e. to reduce vibration and motion of the body, engine and passengers (Sprung Mass)
  • Safety, i.e. to keep the vibration of the wheels, the rims of wheels, brakes and shock absorber itself at the minimum level (Unsprung Mass)


3. What are the main parts of a shock absorber?

Basically there are two main parts:

  • Spring which functions to support the weight of the vehicle and gives the suspension the elasticity function
  • Damper, functioning to reduce the upward force of the spring and to increase the spring function (for double action construction)


4. What types of shock absorbers are used for the motorcycles distributed in Indonesia?

  • For the Front Fork, there are two types:
    • Normal telescopic type
    • Up Side Down → for CBU motorcycles
  • For the Rear Cushion there are:
    • Single Tube, generally used for Cub motorcycles such as Honda Supra, Suzuki Smash, Kawazaki Edge
    • Double Tube, generally used for sports motorcycles such as Honda MegaPro, Honda Tiger, etc.


5. Can the Rear Cushion of a sports motorcycle be used in a Cub motorcycle and vise versa?

The Rear Cushion of a sports motorcycle is not recommended for use in a Cub motorcycle as it does not fit the initial design, but technically it can be used with the result that the height of the rear part of the motorcycle is different.

The Rear Cushion of a Cub motorcycle is strongly not recommended for use in a sports motorcycle as it does not fit the initial design and sports motorcycle is heavier than a Cub motorcycle so that it will affect the function and strength of the shock absorber itself.


6. Why is the Rear Cushion of a sports motorcycle more comfortable than the Rear Cushion of a Cub motorcycle?

The Rear Cushion of a sports motorcycle of the touring type such as MegaPro, Honda Tiger is in fact more comfortable compared with that of a Cub motorcycle. This is affected by the sprung mass reduced by the shock. For the shock using the double tube construction, it is possible to design suspension with a soft spring and its performance is assisted by a damper in supporting the weight of a vehicle (compression) and in reducing again the upward force of a spring (rebound).

Meanwhile, in the Rear Cushion of some Cub motorcycles with a single tube single action design, the damper does not assist the work of the spring upon compression so that a harder spring is required to support the weight of the vehicle. For this type the damper only plays a role upon rebound.


7. Why is the distance in the spring of the shock rear cushion either tight or loose?

There are two types of tight distance or loose distance in a spring known as the Pitch:

  • Conventional Type, where there is only one pitch causing the hardness of the spring only for one condition: tight for the soft one and loose for hard one.
  • Progressive Type, where there are two pitches: tight and loose. This makes the shock give a soft effect and a hard effect depending on the weight condition. For example, when there is only one person in the vehicle, it will feel soft but does not reach the end and when there are two persons, it will give a hard effect to support the weight.


8. What is the function of the Sub Tank in the shock TC of Honda Tiger?



The Sub Tank of the Shock TC of Tiger is fully filled with lubricant oil. The oil in this Sub Tank functions to maintain the performance of the Shock Absorbers itself for long distance use. Tiger requires an excellent shock absorber as the King of Cruiser.


9. What about the shock absorber in the four-wheeled vehicle?

The shock absorber construction generally uses a double tube double action, whereas based on its suspension system, the type of shock absorber used is:

  • Strut type, used in Independent McPherson and Double Wishbone systems
  • Damper Unit, used in Rigid Axle and Torsion Spring and Torsion Beam systems For medium and luxurious vehicles the medium used in the shock absorber, in addition to the lubricant oil, is nitrogen gas which serves to increase the speed of the reduction reaction so that it is able to support the complex valve composition system progressive) to enable the vehicle to be used on winding roads and be stable on free ways.


10. For Gear, in which part of the car does Hypoid Gear function?

  • Hypoid Gear, which functions to transfer the power of the engine at the angle of 90 degrees to the propeller shaft, is located in the Transfer Gear
  • Hypoid Gear is also located in the differential Gear, which functions to channel the power from the propeller shaft to each of right and left wheels.

Working Condition

Showa Indonesia has created a working environment and atmosphere which fit those who have potential, energy, creativity and commitment to work together to achieve the goals of the company. All the employees enjoy freedom to be creative and develop their ideas for maximal work results. Moreover, one thing which is also important is the fact that when you join Showa Indonesia, you will feel being in a big family. You will feel closeness and intimacy. You will feel at home. This is something which is rarely found in other companies

Job Opportunity

PT. Showa Indonesia Mfg. offers challenging career opportunities to meet one's high career expectation. We are seeking highly qualified individuals to be our leaders in the future. For your information, 80 percent of our manager-level and higher-level leaders have started their careers from the staff level. We are hopeful that you will be able to well integrate intelligence, spirit, self-confidence, willingness to learn, positive working attitudes and communication skills to make Show Indonesia the leading company in the automotive components business.


To apply for a job at PT Showa Indonesia Mfg., a job seeker has to register and enter necessary data (e-resume) or send your curriculum vitae via email ( max. 599Kb). The vacancies are:

Career Path

There are two equal career paths available for the employees: specialized and managerial paths. You are able have a career in either path by starting it in one of the eleven major functions in the company (Finance and Accounting, Information System and Technology, Marketing, Engineering, PPIC, Procurement, Production, Quality Assurance, Plant Service, HR, Environment Helath & Safety)


Extra Activity

There are plenty of extracurricular activities at PT. Showa Indonesia Mfg. which enable every employee to find an outlet of his or her hobby. There are sports activities (soccer, futsal, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, martial arts, etc.), adventurous activities (rafting, mountain climbing, motorcycle touring, etc.), art activity (band) and religious activities (recitation of the Koran and Christian service). Every year the company holds activities involving all the employees to enhance sense of belonging, sense of togetherness as well as to strengthen the relationship among the employees. The activities are, among others, Employees’ Tour, Family Gathering and Sports and Arts Week



To facilitate the activities of the employees, we have a worship place (a mosque which can accommodate 1500 worshippers), sufficient sports and arts facilities. We also care about the health facilities. We have a general and dentistry clinic with doctors always ready for consultation. We also facilitate Coaching and Counseling to quickly solve the problems burdening the employees. Every employee has the opportunity to join training both in the home country and overseas to increase their skills and expertise. We even provide a psychologist/counselor from outside of the company in case there is an employee who needs counseling to overcome problems faced both at the workplace and in the family circle

Recruitment Process

PT. Showa Indonesia Mfg. opens career opportunities for those of you both fresh graduates and experienced ones. If you are interested to join us, please fill in an application form on another page of this website. You can also directly send your curriculum vitae via email ( max. 599Kb) or send a complete letter of application to us. Our recruitment team will then carry out the selection process using the elimination system with the following stages:

  • Administration Selection

  • Psycho test

  • HRD Interview

  • User Interview

  • Health Examination

Please keep in mind that we only process the application which fit the qualifications we need.